Lady Samar

Current Show and Travel Schedule

January 2014

4: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

7-23: Maui, HI (USA)


February 2014

8: ASKEW*,  San Francisco, CA *see gallery

14-16: AZ Fetish Revolution*, collaboration with Midori Tempe, AZ

25-28: Los Angeles, CA

25: Royal Machines, Los Angeles, CA

25: Art Talk: Ron Athey, MOCA Los Angeles, CA


April 2014

17-21: Dallas Suscon, Dallas, TX *see gallery

28: My Birthday!!


June 2014

1-7: AIDS/LifeCycle Medical Team, San Francisco to Los Angeles, CA

8: Los Angeles, CA


August 2014

9: Asian Art Museum My Gorgeous Fetish a collaboration with Midori *see gallery


September 2014

12: Aesthetic Meat Front - "Pure Kaos Against Total Control" (San Francisco, CA) *see gallery


October 2014

16 - 21 New York


December 2014

*Tentative* 25-31: Hong Kong, Singapore


January 2015

*Tentative* 1-26: Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand

Past Show and Travel Schedule


September 2012

8: Genitortures*, Hustler Club, Las Vegas, NV (USA)

20: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

21: Blacklickorish Latex Fashion Show*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

21: Supperclub (performing with Midori)*, San Francisco, CA (USA)


October 2012

15-16: Providence, RI (USA)

17-29: Oslo (Norway)

19-21: Oslo Body Suspension Symposium, Oslo (Norway)

19-21: Stelarc & Wings of Desire: Spinning/Breathing*, Oslo (Norway)

29-30: Reykjavik (Iceland)

31: Providence, RI (USA)


November 2012

1: Providence, RI (USA)

15: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

16: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

23: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

24: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)


December 2012

19-20: Los Angeles, CA (USA)

29: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)


January 2013

1: Los Angeles, CA (USA)

9: 765 Capp St. Fire Benefit Show*, San Francisco, CA (USA)


February 2013

13: BEAK>, The Independent, San Francisco, CA (USA)

21: Queen*, Supperclub, San Francisco, CA (USA)


March 2013

??: My AIDS/LifeCycle Fundraiser Party*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

26-28: Austin, TX (USA)

28-31:Dallas Suspension Convention, Dallas, TX (USA)


April 2013

1: Dallas Suspension Convention, Dallas, TX (USA)

28: MY 35th BIRTHDAY, San Francisco, CA (USA)


May 2013

1-31: (residency) Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)


June 2013

2-8: AIDS/LifeCycle (medical team), San Francisco to Los Angeles (USA)

9-14: APP Conference, Las Vegas (USA)

15-19: Zion National Park, Utah (USA)


September 2013

21: Evoko*, Oakland, CA *see gallery


October 2013

28-31: Oaxaca (Mexico)


November 2013

1: "Bridge of Mud and Feathers" for Dia de los Muertos* (collaboration with Midori), Gorilla Glass Studio, Oaxaca (Mexico) *see gallery

1-11: Oaxaca, Mexico


December 2013

26-28: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)

31: Supperclub*, San Francisco, CA (USA)


* performing

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